25 days of projects – day 21: Longhorn Cards

DSC_0332 (Small)My neighbor has 2 daughters: a 9th grader and a 5th grader. In the past year, the 9th grader has become a BIG Longhorn fan. I mean, she knows all the stats for ALL of the players, etc. Doesn't miss a game, bleeds orange, the whole bit…

Whenever I find a young longhorn fan that I know personally, I can't help but foster that enthusiasm. It's not so much about the "football" team as it is that I really do believe The University of Texas has many great life experiences to offer. It was a good school for me, my brothers, my husband, his sister, etc. We all had 
different experiences but such good ones that made us who were are today. I'm not saying other schools don't provide this. I'm just saying that this one did for us. So, in keeping with that idea, I wanted to make something for those girls *just* for fun. These were very quick but that's all they needed to be. I gave each of them a set of 10 cards with envelopes. I chose not to put a sentiment on there so that they could use it for Christmas cards to their friends or maybe even thank you notes. Do your kids write thank yous? I have one niece, she's 27 now, and STILL hand-writes these beautiful thank you notes. I need to tell my SIL good job for instilling that in her daughter!

DSC_0330 (Small)The longhorn is made by Mark of Deadbeat Designs. THANKS MARK! And the santa hat is by A Muse. I did put liquid applique on the hat! The paper is by Stampin' Up! It's the natural white CS.

FOUR MORE DAYS… Are you still checking in or have your holidays started? Mine *officially* started Friday night with a party and I've been *partying* since I suppose. I have a few more projects to finish up (ok, start … like my holiday cards!!!) but in general, the mood around here is very calm and lots of good family time!

See you tomorrow! Hook 'em Horns!


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