25 days of projects – day 22: Kid thank yous

Okay, so I *almost* cheated on this entry. I almost came here to say that today's entry is our Holiday Letter. Well, we did get that done… at 1:30am last night. But the cheating part is that it's part of our Holiday cards. Um, which I'm still working on. Thought I could get them all done today but I couldn't. I tried to get them done before the 5pm mail but since I missed it, I decided to switch gears and LET GO … it's okay that my cards won't be done today (or tomorrow probably!). It is okay, really (see how I'm trying to convince myself???). You know, most of my relatives that I send to in India don't celebrate Christmas (big surprise, eh?) AND they usually don't get it for 3 weeks anyway. So, what's one more day (or two) going to matter ;)…  Plus I think *most* of you aren't here reading blogs anymore and that you've started your celebrating! So, you won't mind either then… :D  Rationalize, rationalize…

DSC_0334 (Small)
In any case, trying to get ahead of the game, this project was a team effort: my eldest and I. We made his thank yous today. I *always* wanted to make these… the kind they fill in. My window of opportunity for these kind of thank yous probably has passed since I made him write full thank yous for his b'day in June. But nonetheless, I made this for him and he stamped them. I let him pick ANY stamp he wanted in the entire studio. ANY! He picked A Muse's simple snowflake. He was in a quick, let's get it done mode. Oh well.

As an aside, our school (as I'm sure most do) has a particular handwriting style they teach the kids. I've been working with my son to *improve* his handwriting and finally decided to (with the bookmarks the other day) to buy the font that they use at the school. I am *so* happy I did this. I used that font on these thank yous. I figure the more he sees, it the more it will sink in. Probably not surprising to you but I was a penmanship NUT when I was little. I practiced ALL of the time. Probably why I learned Calligraphy at such a young age and did so many wedding invitations and such. Just LOVED the way things look in handwriting. I often change my handwriting just because I get bored. It's a shame that we don't write things as much anymore.

Anyway… 3 more days. The excitement around here is so fun! How is it at your house?


2 thoughts on “25 days of projects – day 22: Kid thank yous

  1. I had to chuckle reading about your cards still not done. I wasn’t sure I was going to get ours done either and in the mail before Christmas; I dropped them off at the post office today about 3 pm. Am sure glad that is done and out of the way. Don’t want to look at my craft table until January!! LOL!! Love all of the projects you’ve done. Great job!

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