Happy New Year’s Eve!

Wow, see what happens… post for 25 days straight and then poof… 7 more days go by in a wink. I'm ready for the new… I'm ready to ring in 2009. 2008 was a hard one for my family and many I know. Time to start fresh and clean…

So, I decided to go back and see what I wrote for last year's "resolution" blog entry.  Interesting. Well, probably only to me. But BOY ARE ALL OF THOSE THINGS STILL true and I'm going to stick with that list:

From 2008:
1) Resolution: To actually send out cards to people.
2) Resolution: To make a card EVERY DAY.
3) Resolution: To do more Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)
4) Resolution: To create earlier than later and try to work better without pressure! LOL!

And I'll add one for 2009:
5) Resolution: To scrapbook once a month. Yeah, so it's not a *BIG* goal but it's a baby step right? Once a month is more than I'm doing right now! And I'm also going to try to "stamp" in my scrapbooks – that never happens! (probably why I don't scrap much!).

We'll see. Maybe I'll modify this list in the next couple of days!DSC_0024 (Small)

In any case, have you seen the A Muse News Blog today? It's oldies but goodies time again and this week's feature stamp is "BUBBLY". How very appropriate for today, tonight, and tomorrow???!!!

May 2009 bring you much happiness, some craftiness, and lots of laughter. Stay safe!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. Geeta: I do not drive at night (elderly and handicapped) and I would love for you to teach the Copic Marker class in daytime on weekdays. I adore your classes but weekends and evenings are not really feasible. You have my Memory Depot phone number and address in your files. I reside nearby. Thanks, mary

  2. This is a gorgeous card!! Wow, you have such ambitious resolutions, good for you!! I don’t know how you do it, it’s mind boggling to me!!! I can’t give myself that much pressure!! 😀 Thanks for inspiring us the way you do!!

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