Masculine Birthday Card

So, as you know, I've been making birthday cards for the PTA to give to the 100+ faculty at my son's school. Well, my practice has been to make 10-20 at a time, pass them around at the PTA board meetings (gives us something to do while the treasurer report is getting read! LOL! – JUST KIDDING!) and we all sign them. Then I keep them in my car and when it gets close to a teacher/staff's b'day, I put it in his/her mailbox. I seem to be up at the school all the time for the website stuff and/or room parent stuff… Anyway, the other day I was putting the January names on the envelopes so I could deliver them. UH OH… "PAUL"… HMM… that doesn't sound like a girl's name… but I have these "pretty" yellow kitchen cupcake cards… Hmm, think Paul wants a yellow polka dot card? Maybe he wouldn't notice? Maybe he'd like the sunny, cheery, GIRLY card? Um, probably not. THANKFULLY, his birthday was still a few days away.

Back to the drawing board. speaks to self: "what was I thinking making a bunch of yellow cards?"

Red. Red is a good solid "boy" color. And um, well drums… yeah, that's manly. And fun. And my old standby.

DSC_0078 (Small) So, this time around I made a few of these… we don't have a lot of men on our faculty but we do have some! They deserve they're own style of card!

Think Simple. Think A Muse.

Don't you love these new 4-bar sized Swiss Red cards? Love them. Love them.

The inside was stamped with this  "happy birthday".

I'm in charge of the cub scout craft tonight! Better get on that, eh?


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