Thanks Stamp Antonio, Christy, SCSers and San Antonio!

WOW! What a weekend! I had to sleep most of this afternoon to recuperate from a whirlwind 5 classes down at Stamp Antonio in San Antonio, Texas! I started Friday morning by taking my youngest down to the inlaws for the day (on the way to SA, how convenient!) – my oldest son was pretty unhappy that he had to go to school and his brother got to go to grandma's house! I did a "slow-down to 55 and kicked my son out" and on to Stamp Antonio for two FUN A Muse classes for the Splitcoast shindig! It was great fun to see some friends from that I met back in October at the last SCS Texas event. And it was great to meet so many new ones. Thank you ladies for travelling so far and coming in early to come to Stamp Antonio and spend some time with me. And special thanks to Christy for organizing this as part of the Texas gathering. Then back to the inlaws where I met my DH and other son. Had dinner, repacked kits and went to bed! Saturday was filled with 3 A Muse classes and again good to see some familar faces from my previous classes and great to meet some new ones! Special thanks to Amy, Carol, Mindy, and June, of Stamp Antonio, for making my 2 days there so warm and fun. June, thanks so much for making cupcakes … how cool is that? She said to me "what's a cupcake class without cupcakes?" SO TRUE… In any case, I'm all rested and ready to start again…

Maybe I'll see you at this week's classes at Memory Depot or Stamp Salado! Hope so!


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