A contest with prize!

HeromailDid you know that I'm hosting a contest over on the new A Muse lounge? To get there, go here and then click on the A Muse Lounge tab, then go to the Challenges section.

The contest is running right now… it's such an important cause to me. As you may remember, A Muse released this awesome clear set called Hero Mail. You can get the stamp set or you can get a kit. Anyway, the contest is running until February 
23rd with a postmark date to mail me of no later than Feb. 24th. The person that makes the MOST cards for our service men and women and mails them to me, wins a great prize from A Muse. We all love to make cards anyway, right? SO get together with your friends and have a stamp party for a GREAT CAUSE. These cards actually go to OUR military to show our love and support for the job they do FOR US. So, be sure to sign the inside with something like "THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY" or "HOPING FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN HOME SOON!". And send them to me with UNSEALED envelopes. I, in turn, will send them to Operation Troop Aid, our partners in this effort to get as many cards in the hands of deployed military as possible.

I strongly encourage you do play along. Think outside of you and get your kid's school to make some, or get your friends together, etc. It's a good cause and each and every card will go to someone that is out there fighting for our freedom somewhere far away from home. If you don't have the set, order it today… A Muse is speedy on their shipping and you will still have plenty of time to play along!

I hope you'll play along with me and others today. Come on, there is a PRIZE to win! Where's your competitive spirit?

Please email me with any questions you might have! Thanks so much!


One thought on “A contest with prize!

  1. Geeta,
    This is such a good cause-I had my Tiger cub den and my CCD class make them before the holidays. We sent Operation Troop Aid about 40 cards-and we actually got a response!

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