Spring Sneak Peeks – Day 1!

It's that time again! Sneak Peek time! DSC_0263 (Small)

Texas, at least Central Texas, doesn't really have much of a winter. It was 74 yesterday afternoon … and sunny. 🙂 But we do get some gray days and some cold… actually the mornings start out in the 40s and by the afternoon it's 70 something. How do you dress for that? Yeah, I know… layers… but sheesh!
Anyway, I am one of those few people that actually loves Texas weather … I don't like to be cold. And spring is my favorite season, so, I really had fun with these images. BRING ON SPRING!!! 

These images are from A Muse's Spring release and they are so cute! There are even new notecards! YIPPEE!

Be sure to check out the A Muse News and the rest Creative Team for more sneaks!



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