Valentine Teacher Gifts

Okay, so I resorted to the old easy standby for this year's Teacher's Valentines. I decided at the last minute to expand my circle of teachers from the 30 that I do for my boys to the entire elementary school and half the preschool (only the ones I *know*). Why? I dunno why. Insanity, maybe? I figure the teachers really do deserve something and now that I *know* most of them at the elementary school and we work together on the technology side of things, it just seemed like something nice to do. Or insane? Hmm.

DSC_0292 (Small)
DSC_0295 (Small)
Front says "You deserve some chocolate" and the m and m stamp. Both from good ol' Mark Jetton of Deadbeat Designs! If you haven't seen his stamps, check 'em out …especially if you're local. He has a great line of Texas stamps and then, well, his sense of humor is second to none. If you've seen any of his other stamps, you know what I mean.

Anyway, then the flip side says "happy valentine's day". That is one of the new V'day stamps from A Muse.

These are just little ziploc bags found at Michael's and filled with m&m's. Quick and simple. And delivered. Mostly. Some tomorrow. But the big batch is gone!

I have to admit the boy's valentine's are nothing exciting this year. I let them pick and they opted for Pokemon and Mickey Mouse. So, no sense making my life crazy if they don't want to do it, right?

Happy Valentine's Day!

*whoa…that's a whole lotta pink… egads.


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