Valentine’s Day Cards!

So, I meant to post these yesterday and then time just flew past… I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. We did. We had a super family day and it was nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything scheduled for a change.

Picture this… 11pm Friday night and I haven't started on Valentine's for my family yet. I know, I know… nothing shocking or surprising there… I know what my *issue* is… same as proscratinating on Christmas or Birthday shopping… IF I had an idea of what to get, then I would get it!!! So in the stamping world, IF I had an idea of what I wanted to make, then I'd make it! As my dear friend Veronica says, I don't do anything until I have pressure/stress to get it done. Humpf. Might (I said might!) be true.

In any case, I thought of something clever… at 11pm at night… for my DH's card. And I laughed. I think it's not as funny now as it was then but isn't that always the case?

DSC_0304 (Small)
 DSC_0306 (Small)   

I love him more than all of my addictions combined… that's saying a lot, right?

Then for the boys, I broke out my A Muse clear sets:

For my 6 year-old:

DSC_0308 (Small) Diamond glaze on the window of the space ship!

Stamps from the Purr-fect set! Great for a boy, eh?

And for my 2 year-old:

DSC_0307 (Small) Red Twinkle hearts covering up the heart smoke coming out of the train. And the train is covered in AtYou Red Spica.

Stamp from the Dino Set. I can't believe I just got these sets recently. Why didn't I get them sooner?

Hope you had a great weekend! We still have one more day off from school on our 4 day weekend! WOHOO.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cards!

  1. Hey Geeta! These are too cute! I love the one for your DH, that you combined all your favorite goodies on one cute card. I’m sure he feels pretty special and loved after this! Very creative gal you are! Hope you had a great VDay!

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