Feb 20th????

OMG! How did it get to be Feb 20th?

I hope that this is not going to be a pattern but I guess I'll try to catch up again…

  • TWO A Muse classes tomorrow at Memory Depot (check out the schedule at the top) – I did add another table to the room and there are 2 slots left in each class, I believe. Call the store 326-8045.
  • Thank you to everyone that voted for my friend, Paul, in the Quikutz contest. He took 2nd place – only missed 1st by a handful of votes! Congrats Paul!
  • I SCRAPPED! Oh, yes, I did. Seriously. It is a New Year's Resolution of mine, if you remember! 4 Pages! And I only challenged myself to do 1 page a month. Wohoo! I'm ahead ;). LOL. Oh, it was "with" my son and it's his 12×12 Cub Scout album. It counts. Right?
  • Are you making Hero Mail cards for the A Muse "Make 'em smile Challenge" on the A Muse lounge? You still have time! There is a prize for whomever sends in the MOST cards. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here are more details… It's for a GREAT cause – send OUR troops a card today to let them know how much they are appreciated! Have them postmarked in the mail to me on the 24th! Go make some… or one… or two đŸ™‚
  • I've been making hero mail cards for a month now and have enlisted many to help me… If you've taken some classes from me recently, you've probably seen the table set up to make cards for the soldiers (THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!). My son's cub scout den (18 cards) and his 1st grade class (30+ cards) made some, too (THANK YOU!). And then last night, my girlfriends and I met and stamped out 79 cards (THANK YOU!). I can't wait to count up all the ones that I've received (and will still receive!). Just think EACH CARD goes to ONE SOLDIER to tell them "Thanks, we're thinking about you!" HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Now, on to something crafty… our very dear friend, Bill, had a birthday, now a month ago… "Happy Birthday!". We got him a gift card to go shopping for new clothes. So, this card is what popped into my mind:
DSC_0247 (Small)
Get it? LOL.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Feb 20th????

  1. I think we are all feeling like that! The days seem to slip by and before you know it, the week or month is gone. It gets worse with age! Trust me I know. LOL
    Love Your blog!

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