Project Hero Mail – Make ’em Smile Challenge – THE RESULTS

Well the results are in. It's truly amazing how much our little stamping community can do. I so very excited and honored to have been part of this.

If you remember, I posted a while back about this challenge over on the A Muse lounge. The idea was to get as many cards as possible into the hands of our service men and women that are deployed right now.

Here are the stats:

  • 20 participants (many more than that because many of us had help making the cards!)
  • approximately 5 weeks
  • 1001 cards!!!!

Can you believe that?

So, on a personal note, I have to thank my A Muse students in San Antonio and Austin for making Hero cards before and after some of my A Muse classes, the Tiger Den of my son's cub scout pack, my son's 1st grade class and finally my stamping buddies. Y'all are the best! In total, my share is 187 cards! THANK YOU.

So, you know what the HARDEST PART was about this whole thing?

Projectheromail (Small)
Putting them all back after taking this picture! LOL! I had both boys helping me…and by back I mean in a box. The box is not nearly big enough to ship out. I'll have to get another one!

Isn't this awesome? 1001 cards in the hands of deployed service men and women to say how much we appreciate them and thank you for fighting for our freedom.

"Thank you for fighting for America" as my son so eloquently said.


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