A Muse Challenge #2 – Stamping to the music!

Jennie came up with yet another clever challenge this month over on the A Muse lounge. She's so crafty! This month's challenge is called "Stamping to the music!" Basically, we are to create a card inspired by music. UH OH. Did I ever mention that I'm musically challenged? Lucky for me, my DH is brilliant and a mind reader. Nowadays, I don't even have to BADLY hum a partial tune. I just have to say "I'm thinking of that song" and he usually guesses it within 3 guesses. I dunno how he does that. I mean, I'm not even singing anything … Anyway, I am SERIOUSLY musically challenged. So much that I even had to ask Jennie to give me the inspiration and I'd make a card. So she did. And STILL NOTHING. GEEEZZZZZZ.

But THEN <insert light bulb here>…

a very-soon-to-be-three-year-old came around the corner singing… "da da DA DA DA" "da da da DA DA DA". Okay, that probably makes no sense to you. It's the theme from Iron Man (the movie). You know the one where he says "I am Iron Man"… well the boys in my house have been going around humming, singing, and chanting this!

AH INSPIRATION!!! Is that what it's called when you listen to something a ka-zillon times? All this time I thought that was called "broken record" but alas my kids don't know what a record is… <sigh> so it MUST be inspiration then, eh?

DSC_0507 copy (Small)
So here is my "literal" creation of my inspiration. I hand wrote the words "You are Iron Man" on there. I thought I could send it in my older son's lunchbox sometime soon!

Notecards and images (Robot Kid, Globe) by A Muse. Marvy Star punch, Stampin' Up Word Window Punch, White Sharpie Poster Paint Pen, Copic Markers, Stampin' Up! Brads.

Like the brad in the middle? If only I could make it blink?!

Alrighty… mid week of CRAZY insane busy week… and we're doing pretty well so far!

Hope your week is going well!


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