Another amuse-bouche serving…

DSC_0011 copy (Small)This leafy vine stamp has been screaming at me (yes, screaming!). For some reason, I hear it saying "Asian", which to me can mean 2 different things – Indian Asian – lots of bright colors and gold or East Asian – red, black, etc.  So, I went with the picture in my head.

I chose not to color in the image in order to capture a different look. I really wanted to stay with just the 3 colors.

Anyway, are you enjoying the new images? Be sure to check out the Creative Team… lots of great cards out there!

Have a great Sunday! Last day of Spring Break around here (wah!) and the weather is gorgeous!


9 thoughts on “Another amuse-bouche serving…

  1. What a STUNNING card Geeta! this is gorgeous… wish I had seen it last year when I was making thank you cards for my Principal (red and black are our school colors) 🙂

  2. I like the idea of not coloring the stamp, for a change. It is easy to forget that the stamps themselves are often a work of art that can stand alone. Your card, it seems to me, is a perfect example of that. Thanks for sharing!!

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