amuse-bouche – hungry for some more?

I, seriously, am now waist-deep in wedding invitation (my nephew's wedding is in May) preparation … so close but still a bit more work to do! But they will be done this week and then I'll show them off!

Since I've been thinking/doing that so much, that inspired me to make this card for this sneak… the card base is this shimmery, pearlscent card stock that I'm actually using on the invitations. It comes in 22"x26" sheets and I needed that size for the type of invites I'm making. Anyway, I had a scrap left over (or two or three…) and cut it to 4bar size.

DSC_0014 copy (Small)
I used my cuttlebug swirl folder (using that on the invitations, too!) for the background. The dress is actually covered with Liquid Pearls and before it dried, I made a swirly pattern in it. The corners are adorned with Twinkle Stickers (look like diamonds!).

That's it! First day back to school around here. Tough to get up and back in the swing of things. My boys seem to be a great age now where the older one can take care of the younger one and make him breakfast and stuff on those days that we don't have school, which means I get to sleep more! So, um, today I was back on duty! Ouch.

Oh, thank you all for so many nice comments about my sneaks this week. Several of you have asked about the cuttlebug folder I used in the baby shower card. It is called "Welcome Baby" and it's one of those combo sets – A2 folder and some other stuff. Hope this helps!


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