One more amuse-bouche and an anniversary – sorta…

The online release of Love Blooms happens tonight at midnight EST at A Muse Artstamps. Be sure to check with your local stamp/scrap store to see if they have the stamps in stock already!

Today's card was one I stamped very quickly (VERY!). Today is my anniversary… no, not my wedding anniversary… the anniversary of our first date. You keep track of that, don't you? I dunno why I do… I'm a "date" person… remember all sorts of dates of things I should and mostly ones I shouldn't but that's me.

Anyway, TWENTY years ago today, my DH and I had our first date. YIKES, 20 years! I was talking to him about it and he said, "Wow, the Disney stars are younger than that!" So, you have to realize that a lot of our television watching these days includes the Disney Channel and somehow the actors on there are part of our "world". It's weird to think that they are SO MUCH younger than us… most weren't even born or ideas of being born yet in 1989. Gasp. Funny, how I don't feel that old ;). Must be the having kids thing… they keep you young at heart, right? Get to relive life through their eyes… yadda, yadda, yadda…

DSC_0015 copy (Small)So, the card. This is the card I made for my DH today, um, for today <blush>. 

Both images are from this new release, Love Blooms, as well as the notecard – a new color called Sky Blue. LOVE IT. One of my favorites of all the A Muse notes! (and yes, it is not purple. ;))

To celebrate our "anniversary", we're going to Chuy's for dinner. That's where our first date was and is still one of our favorite restaurants and now there is one close to my house! I'm just THRILLED I don't have to cook! That's the best present of all!


8 thoughts on “One more amuse-bouche and an anniversary – sorta…

  1. Happy anniversary, Geeta! My DH and I will be married 15yrs this Aug, but together for 19. Some days it seems like forever and some days it seems like yesterday, LOL

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