Wedding Invitations.

As you may know, my husband's nephew is getting married in May. I've been playing wedding planner and helping my so-to-be niece with some of the stuff. Including designing, creating, all paper items for the wedding. So, wedding invitations. I worked on this design for a while before committing to it. I really like it but it had to be feasible. I needed really long paper. I've told you about my friend, Edye, who owns LMNOPeople. She found me this Stardust card stock from Papersource but at wholesale prices! WOHOO… it's 22×26" – Perfect. It's a shimmery ivory heavyweight card stock and it has matching envelopes (BEAUTIFUL)!

So, pressing on… I made the invitations I wanted to. I needed long paper to make an envelopment type structure to hold all the inserts (rsvp card, info card, map, and work-parties invite). I used my cuttlebug to dry emboss the outside flap. This cardstock took to dry embossing very well.

DSC_0018 copy (Small)
DSC_0019 copy (Small)
DSC_0020 copy (Small)
DSC_0021 copy (Small)
DSC_0022 copy (Small)
I'm so happy with them. I'm SO happy they are done. WHEW.


10 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations.

  1. these are the most special and wonderful gifts ever, we really do appropriate all the wonderful and creative work you put into these stunning invitations! they are so beautiful i am still in awe. And you defiantly have been awarded the AUNT OF THE YEAR award! love James and Amber

  2. These are just beautiful!!! You can certainly pat yourself on the back for finishing up this big project!! You should get AUNT OF THE YEAR award!

  3. Geeta,
    I can understand all that you put into these invitations. I am finishing up the invitations for my son’s wedding. It takes a lot to take something like this on, but the end product and satisfaction make it so worth it. Your invitations are beautiful! I like the paper and layout of these. What a special gift to your nephew and his fiance!

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