Think Simple, Think A Muse: sympathy

A few weeks ago, when I had *time* to stamp (sigh), I made this card. I got out some of my fabriano medioevalis note cards that I've been hoarding (and thus forgot about (insert another sigh)). I was going for a simple, elegant look for a sympathy, thinking of you type card. I used chalk ink for the background. I'm not in love with this card but I like it okay. Sympathygns (Small)
It does fit Jennie's new challenge over on the lounge:

"This month's challenge is called *Think Simple, Think A Muse*!! You all
know that this is A Muse's motto, and A Muse's stamps make it easy and
fun to do just that!! So this month we are going to use the motto as
our inspiration!! Your challenge is to use any of your A Muse or
Saltbox Studio stamps to create something *simple*!! What do I mean by
simple? Well, I am going to give you a few *simple* guidelines to stick
to!! Here they are:

-use A Muse and/or Saltbox Studio stamps
-use minimal embellishments (one or none!!)
-use minimal layers (no more than 3!!) "

A Muse Leafy Vine, Big Block Bg, in my thoughts, Pearl Sheer Ribbon

In other news, I've been spending a lot of time rewriting the school website. Back when I wrote it in the fall, I threw it together just to get something up there. Timing was a major issue back then. So, now I'm redoing it and while it's time consuming, it's definitely fun. Part of my life that I don't get to play with that often – technology, computers, software, etc. The other day I had a friend from High School send me a message on Facebook. He said something about our computer science class when back when. I vaguely remember computer science in high school. I know I took it but it seems SO LONG ago. I guess it is.

I'm still completely obsessed with all things Twilight. I listen to the movie every single day on my ipod. Yep, every single day. I think I have it memorized by now. And I seem to frequent this New Moon Movie site a lot. I, like a lot of people, didn't like book 2 the best so I don't think I'm that excited to see this movie. Of course, who am I kidding… I'll be standing in line with all the other Twilight moms out there 😉

Happy Thursday!


10 thoughts on “Think Simple, Think A Muse: sympathy

  1. I love the simplicity of this card! Very nice!!! I need to use my Big Block and this card show just why it should be used more!

  2. Such a beautiful card Geeta! Thanks so much for playing along with the challenge! 🙂 And thanks for the website too, now I can’t stay off of there, lol!! 🙂

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