Happy Birthday, Gayle!

I live in a great neighborhood! By Sunday, I'll be partied out though. Last night was our annual egg-stuffing party. In years past, the egg stuffing party was really a GNO (girl's night out) with Wine, Chocolate and egg stuffing. It usually lasted 3 or 4 hours. Now, most of our kids are old enough to help stuff the eggs so the mood has changed slightly but it's still so much fun and takes about 1 hour and a half. Talk about efficiency! I'm all about that. :). This was the first year, I took my oldest son. He was one of the youngest there – mostly 5th grade and up and it was already an hour past his bedtime but since there wasn't any school today, I thought he'd get a kick out it. He was so JAZZED to be one of the "big" kids. And he rocked at stuffing the eggs. Part of me thought he was too young to see that aspect of the mystery but I knew he'd love to be there.

Tonight, our neighborhood celebrated the 50th b'day of one of my dear friends. We've known her and her husband way before we both built our homes on the same street. The party was a casual hang out potluck outside kind of thing and started around 6pm. So, in my traditional last-minute-lucy-style, I decided late to make her something. Party started at 6pm, I'm taking photos at 6:10pm. Yeah, that's how I "roll". Sad.
DSC_0052 copy (Small)
I thought giving her a set of thank you cards would be handy. You know, for all those birthday presents she'd be getting. 😉

I made this design for one of my A Muse classes recently and I liked it so much that I redid them for Gayle. A set of 8.

DSC_0051 copy (Small) DSC_0053 copy (Small)

For the tag, I used the A Muse Clear Set Birthday builder. I love that set. So versatile. So handy. So EASY.

Tomorrow we have our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt including petting zoo, face painting, balloon people, juggler and of course a visit from the Easter Bunny. My youngest is TERRIFIED of people in large costumes. So, once again this year, my job will be to avoid the Easter Bunny!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Happy Birthday, Gayle!


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