Bumper Card sign-up for April!!!

RE: http://craftyengineer.typepad.com/crafty_engineer/2009/01/bumper-cards-are-alive-again-join-us.html

card sign-up for April is now open. If you were on the list for
March and would like OFF, please email me. If you want to stay on,
do nothing. If you are new and want on, please email me your snail mail

Here are the rules again:

Guidelines for Bumper Cards

BUMPER CARDS are changing the world! Come join the fun! Well,
how does it work, you ask? Would you love to get a handmade card in the
mail? Would you love to send one? If you said yes to both questions,
read on…

Do you want to spread a little kindness? Think of
this as a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS (RAK). All you have to do is send ONE
card by the end of the current month. If you do not like it, you do not
have to do it for the next month. There is no obligation. Just think of
it as making someone’s day brighter. Not only will you make someone
smile, you, in turn, will receive a NON-BILL, NON-JUNK mail, card to
brighten your day.

The rules:

  1. Post a comment here with your name saying you want to join.
    Deadline for signup: April 14th, 2009. You must have left a comment to
    play THEN Email me your snail mail address by April 14th.
  2. I'll compile a list of everyone that wants to participate and email
    you the list of names and addresses on or around the 15th of April.
  3. The 1st person on the list, sends a handmade card (ANY
    KIND you have – you can make a new card or use a handmade card you
    already have) to the person below her on the list (the last one sends
    the first) by the May14th.
  4. Please use at least ONE A Muse stamp
  5. Please only sign up if you are committed to playing along. No one likes to get stood up.
  6. It does cost you the price of a postage stamp.

Hope you want to join! Let me know if you have questions.


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