Newly Hatched amuse-bouche – Sneak Peek #3

Sunday! It's Sunday already? Really? So much to do today and I've been up since 5:30am already and have not done much to show for it! GAK! It's a big week at school this week – lots of events for different committees I'm on and somewhere in the middle of that I'm teaching a Copic class at Memory Depot.

Last night we saw Avenue Q (part of our Broadway theater series at UT). It was pretty funny and very adult. It was hard to imagine how a show with/about puppets could be R-rated!

DSC_0117 copy (Small) Anyway, here's my amuse-bouche for today. My boys have one of those red Radio Flyer trikes. You would think it's brand new by the looks of it (i.e not ridden much!) but it's cute anyway. So, my card was inspired by that. The sentiment is an oldie but goodie and one of my favorites for boy cards. Doesn't this make for a great 2 or 3 year-old b'day card?

Have a super great Sunday. It's finally sunny here! Yippee!


10 thoughts on “Newly Hatched amuse-bouche – Sneak Peek #3

  1. I love the tricycle stamp (bought it) and adore the sentiment! I’d really love to get my hands on that stamp. Any ideas how?
    Love your work! Thanks for sharing!

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