Newly Hatched amuse-bouche – Sneak Peek #4

DSC_0116 copy (Small) Are you ready for some more tasty treats? Check your LSS, they could have them in stock already. If you don't have an LSS close to you, then this new release will be available from A Muse on April 22nd. It's not just baby stamps either, there are lots of new floral images, too!

I'm a sucker for baby images too. Here are two more… bassinet and "hey baby!". My boys had a white bassinet. Um, but neither used it much. The 2nd more than the 1st but still not so much. I'm a big believer in having places to set your baby down in each room. So that was nice to have.

Alrighty, Monday, Monday (do you know that song?)… Have a super-terrific day!

P.S. Intro to Copic class on Thursday night, 7pm at Memory Depot 326-8045. Hope to see you then!


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