Happy Birthday, dear Teacher.

Today is my son's 1st grade teacher's birthday. Happy Birthday!DSC_0113 copy (Small)

The class pitched in and we got her a $75 gift card to the bookstore. We have a beautiful hydrangea to give her too. I made this card last week for her.

It features the solid zinnia stamp and I used the rock-n-roll technique on it with a little bit of sparkle from the clear Spica Pen. The gift card fits nicely inside these 4-bar cards.

I usually volunteer in the classroom on Wednesdays but I can't today because I'm part of this parent open house committee and we have a program that we're putting on this morning. So, instead of being in there on her birthday, I'll take her a cookie cake and some other party items for the class to celebrate with her!

DSC_0123 (Small) I had to get her one more thing. One thing that I had to get her just from me…. is Twilight. Just the first book. I talked to her about it so much that I decided she needs to have one. She told me a while back when I was talking about it non-stop (yeah, so what if nothing's changed much! LOL!) that she was going to have to read it this summer. I figure I'll give her a head start! 😉

Happy Birthday!

In other news, did you see that the A Muse Newly Hatched Release…well, hatched! It's now available for purchase here.

Have a great day!


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