Teacher Appreciation Next Week!

National Teacher Appreciation Week is next week (May 4-May 8). First of all, HOW did it get to be May??

Anyway, I'm working scrambling to get stuff pulled together. Is TA week supposed to be in the place of the end-of-the-year parties, gifts, etc? Or in addition to? I never know the answer to that.

So, yesterday, I sneakily went up to the school during lunch and got the kids in my son's class to sign some cards that will accompany some small gifts from the class next week. That'll be next week. I actually used cards from my stash, um, because I'm outta time, of course… but it's good to use up things, right?
Backtoschoolgns (Small)
Here is one of the cards I made: 

All products by A Muse Artstamps

Y'all know how fond I am of making gifts and such for the teachers. Well, I've been trying to categorize any posts I've done with school gifts or general gift ideas for easier searching capabilities. So, if you're in need of inspiration, go to the left bar and under "categories", select either "Gifts" or "School Gifts" and maybe you'll find something to inspire you.

I'm a bit overwhelmed that May is here. We have something every weekend until after Father's Day and that is just TOO MUCH for me! Busier than Christmas, I tell ya! Oh well, it's all good… as they say, right?

Have a great Friday!


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