Happy Birthday MOM… a couple of days ago!

Good golly, how is the time flying by? Seriously. This must be a test… to see how I handle pressure. Not well, mind you. But whatever. Don't actually have time to worry about how to handle it all!

Anyway, my dear mother turned 80, yes, 80! on Sunday. What a miracle given the summer she had last year. And being the last-minute-crazy-insane person that I am, I was making her card on Sunday morning! DOH! Then I forgot to take the picture before we left to meet her, so this is taken on the floorboard of my car right before I saw her! SHEESH! Happy Birthday Mom!

DSC_0140 copy (Small) That solid zinnia stamp is so HANDY! And of course, birthday builder always works!

Tomorrow is a big day at my son's school. I've been working on a committee to make our school better for new parents for the past 4 months. It's been a lot of work but a lot of fun. More to come on this later…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!


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