Twilight Inspired…

Addictions are an interesting thing. I justify having them by having ones that "don't hurt" me… stamping, stamp-collecting/hoarding, movie watching, and now Twilight.

Well, my dear, dear friend Jennie sent me a Twilight present the other day! She's so nice! THANKS SO MUCH Jennie. I *LOVE* it but then you knew I would ;). I decided to make her a special thank you…

DSC_0167 copy (Small)

See how he sparkles? 😉

DSC_0168 copy (Small)

It turns out that this month's challenge over on the lounge (click on the lounge), hosted by the one-and-only Jennie, is to create a card that is inspired by a book! Don't 'cha love it when two birds can get crossed off with one check mark… Yippee!  Jennie, Rhonda and I have this thing going on about Twilight… many of the A Muse girls do… I know you're not surprised! 😉

Anyway, my card… I just got the A Muse vampire (it's on sale, btw!) for this purpose. I mean, how could I not have that in my stash! And look, Heather, it's a Halloween stamp that I'm using in May!!! I had this vision (not to be confused with apparition) of what this card should look like in my head. It ended up being close to that but not exactly. In the end, I still laughed at the silliness.

Addictions. All good. Right?

Happy "ODD" day! 05/07/09… one of six odd days this century! Okay, so that's a nerd-y thing to celebrate… what can I say? Have a great one!


8 thoughts on “Twilight Inspired…

  1. Ok, I absolutely LOVE this card!! It is just perfect!! And I love his sparkles!! Thanks so much for playing along with the challenge!! And I am so glad you liked your Twilight gift!! 🙂

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