amuse-bouche… Summer is almost here!

DSC_0001 copy (Small) So, not a lot of chatter today (which I'm sure you're happy about!)… amuse-bouche starts today. I stayed up extra late last night to stamp some samples (It's Elena's fault!) for this release.

My 3 year old has become noctural…sorta… and decided that we need to get up extra early the past 2 days. Yesterday it was 2:42am…got him back to sleep relatively easy. Today is was 5am. Not back to sleep today. Not so bad if I didn't go to bed so late… I should've just stayed up….

Did I mention I'm going to California in a few hours for our nephew's wedding this weekend? Oh, I guess I should pack, eh?



12 thoughts on “amuse-bouche… Summer is almost here!

  1. I think it was worth the loss of sleep, don’t you? Didn’t it make you feel accomplished? I’m proud of you! Enjoy time away from your stamps 😉

  2. YEAH BABY!!!! WE knew you couldn’t resist!! ha ha ha ha. Have a safe trip to California. Hey…wait a minute…Arizona is on the way…stop at my house! We will even feed you all 😉

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