More Teacher Gifts

5 more days…just 5 more school days 'till SUMMER BREAK! YAY!

So, a lot has happened around here lately… We spent the Memorial Day weekend in Sunny (but cold- always cold) California (Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, Monterrey, San Jose, etc. etc.) for our nephew's wedding. You may remember the wedding invitations that I made for them. Our oldest son was the ring bearer and that was a treat to see him all dressed up in a tux! He took his job very seriously (as he does with everything in life, it seems). He said to me right before he walked down the aisle "I'm not going to smile, Mommy". I didn't know why he said that until I took his picture coming down the aisle. Ah, very serious. This is serious work. LOL. Anyway, their wedding was beautiful. It was outside in the redwoods near Santa Cruz. The wedding itself was very nice and a bit warm and then moments later at the reception, it was cold (when the sun went behind the beautiful trees!).

DSC_0224 copy (Small)DSC_0216 copy (Small) On Sunday, we went to Monterrey with some of our extended family. I hadn't been to the Monterrey Aquarium in years… so much more fun with kids. 

DSC_0251 copy (Small)DSC_0249 copy (Small)About 10 days ago (who knows, really? :)), I sat down and made 200 3×3 cards for teacher gifts. That works out to 25 packages of 8 cards and envelopes. You've probably heard me mention that these were going to   be my teacher gifts this year – well I decided that they were and made a ton more. I've mentioned before how I like to give past teachers gifts as well, especially at the preschool… so for both boys, I needed 21 or so gifts (librarian, music, art, pe, teachers, asst. teachers, preschool staff, etc. etc.). Quick and easy. I made 4 birthday and 4 thank yous per box.

Did you see the Summer Release from A Muse? There were some surprises that you hadn't seen in any of the amuse-bouche. What's your favorite new stamp?

Tomorrow, I'll be in Dallas teaching 5 A Muse classes and most importantly getting to see many of my Splitcoast friends from all over. They are gathering in Dallas this weekend for another Texas Swap. If you're in the area, stop by Personal Scrapbook and say hello! (that damask is really a regal rose color not a red!)


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