amuse-bouche – Back to School! Preschool, too…

OMG! This release is so made for me! Okay, well not made for me but I *LOVE* it. Everything about it is awesome… the new images, notes, 8.5×11 paper, ribbon… oh my! If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that I'm all about making stuff for my son's schools… both for the kids and teachers! School starts here in less than a month 😦 but I'll be ready this time for Back-to-school gifts – especially with this release!

My first amuse-bouche (aka appetizer… aka sneak ;)) is for the preschooler in my house and his buddies. I've made this type of thing before but it goes over SO well. I've even had some parents contact me and say how this little gift saved them at the dr's office or on an airplane ride! WOHOO! Gotta love that!

It's a little coloring book. I keep those small crayon packs on hand for gift giving in a pinch. You can get generic ones (i.e. not Crayola) in the party aisle now at the grocery store or order the 4 pk from Crayola. The measurements are 3×3 (cover is 3×6, pages are 2.75×5.5 – 3 pages folded). Isn't this lined paper awesome? It's the new A Muse 8.5×11 lined paper (I cut it to about 2.5 and punched the side with a punch). The inside is just a series of the different images waiting to be colored!

DSC_0505 copy (Small) DSC_0503 copy (Small) Check out the A Muse News Blog for more amuse-bouche as well as the rest of the Creative Team! And be sure to see if you LSS has these in stock! You'll want them!

Happy Friday!


Baby Shower Invites!

Last week I got an order to make some baby shower invites. It's the first baby shower order I've received since the new baby line came out from A Muse back in the Spring. I was so excited to use the new stamps! In the end, I didn't have a lot of time to make them because of summer! 🙂 Another reason I love A Muse… the whole Think Simple thing…

DSC_0498 copy (Small) A Muse blush notecards, A Muse chocolate gingham paper, A Muse french roast sheer polka dot ribbon, A Muse images: crib and tiny yawns

The dot embossed paper is some I have from a long time ago… when I used to scrapbook… a different lifetime ago, it seems!

a muse bouche is coming soon… and I have to say, this release is all about me. Well, not about me. But soooo "for" me. Hee hee… can't wait to share with you!

Happy Thursday!

It’s my birthday! and another amuse-bouche…

Today is my birthday! YAY! I love birthdays. I do. Not the getting older part but the celebration part. I have always loved them. I celebrate for about 3 weeks so that I can drag it out. I try to celebrate with all of my close friends and of course, my family. Today, I'm at Stamp Antonio teaching and we'll celebrate there as best we can. But my real partying starts Monday! 🙂

In honor of my birthday, I wanted to show you a card that I made a while back. I think it's just fun and covers my attitude towards this special day in my life! Anyway, during the 4th of July, our BFFs Sharon and BJ came to the lake with us and hung out. We had lots of water activities and appropriate 4th of July behavior but then we STAMPED together too (Sharon and I… not BJ and my husband! HA! HA! HA!). I "issued" a challenge for both of us so that we wouldn't pack our entire studios and cart them with us… and in the end the challenge was SUPER HARD for both of us but did keep our supplies in check. The challenge: pick 3 colors, 5 stamps, and anything else that would fit in a 6×9 box and that was all we could bring. We both cheated but not by much. 🙂

Surprisingly I picked green, pink, and yellow (neutrals didn't count). Here is the card I made (I made multiples of it but nothing else). My kids and our husbands found us (Rats!).

DSC_0443 copy (Small)DSC_0444 copy (Small)

I used my doodlebug sugar glitter. I *LOVE* that stuff. LOVE IT.

Alright, some of you are here to see an amuse-bouche… well, I have another TAG for you. I told you… in tag mode… and this one is from one of my AP classes, also.

DSC_0445 copy (Small) I love the new holiday houses image. And I think it goes so well with the old sentiment "from our house to yours".

So, have a great Friday! Thanks for stopping by.

amuse bouche – Christmas for the kids!

Day 4 of amuse-bouche… this time it's about the kids!

Does this color scheme look familiar, Sharon? 🙂

These are the new lime green notecards! I wanted to use my new spangle flourish punch (that I've had for a while!) and finally broke it out for this card. I do love the punch! Something fun and happy about it.

DSC_0446 copy (Small) The image is the new Winter Friends. All of the A*Muse*A*Palooza images, paper and notecards are available right now at participating AP stores – see the A Muse News Blog for a complete list. Here in Texas, Memory Depot and Stamp Antonio have them!

I used the "have an ICE day" sentiment again. A Muse used to have this wording in a different font a while back and then it retired. Since then I've been looking for that one and never have found it. BUT now I don't need it because there's this new one! YAY!

Happy Thursday! I'm off to teach a whirlwind of AP classes down at Stamp Antonio!

amuse-bouche – Elegant Holiday

If you took one of those "how well do you know Geeta" quizzes, I *bet* you'd get this answer wrong… and it would be entirely my fault.

The question: What is Geeta's favorite color?

  1. Purple
  2. Pink (UM NO!)
  3. Navy
  4. Black

The answer is #3. NAVY.

Really? Yes, really. It was even one of my bridal colors. For as long as I can remember blue has been my favorite. But shades of blue. When I was in the single digits, it was baby blue. Then as I got older, it got darker (hmm, is that some sort of "symbolism"? older, less innocent = darker??? :)) Anyway, navy has been *the* color since my teens for sure. The only problem about navy is that it doesn't make for a very "colorful" blog. So, in comes purple. It's just happy.

WHY so much about navy? Well, I am beyond thrilled that A Muse has come out with NAVY notecards. OMG! I, even, screamed out loud when I first opened up the box they came in!

You know what else? A Muse notecards are white or natural white on the inside… these navy ones are white, which MEANS no funny colored pen required to sign the inside. A few years ago, I made my mom some holiday cards on navy cardstock for her to send to our relatives in India. They were navy on the inside too. I forgot to give her a white or silver pen to write on the inside and she lives in a small town. She couldn't find a pen to write in them. DOH. Anyway, these notes will fix that problem!

Okay, here's my amuse-bouche (it's from one of my AP classes!):

DSC_0470 copy (Small)  A Muse products: Navy notecards, village chapel, merry christmas rm, white sheer ribbon, twinkle stickers (clear star)

Other: white stazon, white pen, glitter, paris dusk memento

Happy Wednesday!

amuse-bouche – Winter Critters

Day two!DSC_0464 copy (Small)

One of the classes I'm teaching this A*Muse*A*Palooza is all about making tags. In the class we make 36 (6 each of 6 different designs). The class was a big hit here in Austin on Saturday. Anyway, I'm still in the tag making mode… so easy, SO USEFUL. I *might* just get ahead this year. And you know what else? I think I have the layout for my Christmas card. That's the one thing that I work on for months and can never get ahead on (work on it in my head as a design, I mean). AND… I might even have a cool picture of the boys already. I typically wait because my youngest changes so much during the year but I think we're somewhat outta the rapid changes phase! So, just maybe I have the *perfect* picture. YAY! I've never been ahead… ever. 🙂

DSC_0466 copy (Small) Okay, back to this amuse-bouche… so last night I wanted to make a sneak in a hurry so this is what I came up with. I had so much fun making the tag samples for my classes that I wanted to make yet another one. Quick, Easy. Simple. Cute. Oh, and lots of glitter ;).

Happy Tuesday!

amuse-bouche – an all Natural Christmas

Time again for some amuse-bouche!

"An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized appetizer." It's the perfect name for an A Muse sneak peek of the new Holiday images!

DSC_0461 copy (Small)Everything is new on this card but the natural white cardstock! It's hard to see in the photo but there is glitter on the branch for snow.

If you are in the Austin area, Memory Depot has these stamps, notecards, the wood grain paper and the new ribbons in stock! If you are near San Antonio, Stamp Antonio has them as well! I'll be teaching at Stamp Antonio this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for A*Muse*A*Palooza! Hope to see you there!

Be sure to check the other muses and of course, the A Muse Blog for more amuse-bouche. Have a great day!