Day 1 of A*Muse*A*Palooza 2009

WOWEE!! It's Day one of AP 2009 around here. I taught two classes at Memory Depot today. So glad the ladies joined me today – we sat inside in the A/C and enjoyed some nice cool air!

Here are some pics of the ladies working so hard in the first class: DIY Holiday Cards

DSC_0442 copy (Small) DSC_0443 copy (Small)   DSC_0444 copy (Small) DSC_0445 copy (Small)

And here are some from the 2nd class: An A Muse Holiday Squash Book

DSC_0446 copy (Small)

DSC_0447 copy (Small)

DSC_0448 copy (Small)

 DSC_0449 copy (Small)

 DSC_0450 copy (Small) 

So fun! Can't wait until tomorrow!


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