amuse-bouche – Elegant Holiday

If you took one of those "how well do you know Geeta" quizzes, I *bet* you'd get this answer wrong… and it would be entirely my fault.

The question: What is Geeta's favorite color?

  1. Purple
  2. Pink (UM NO!)
  3. Navy
  4. Black

The answer is #3. NAVY.

Really? Yes, really. It was even one of my bridal colors. For as long as I can remember blue has been my favorite. But shades of blue. When I was in the single digits, it was baby blue. Then as I got older, it got darker (hmm, is that some sort of "symbolism"? older, less innocent = darker??? :)) Anyway, navy has been *the* color since my teens for sure. The only problem about navy is that it doesn't make for a very "colorful" blog. So, in comes purple. It's just happy.

WHY so much about navy? Well, I am beyond thrilled that A Muse has come out with NAVY notecards. OMG! I, even, screamed out loud when I first opened up the box they came in!

You know what else? A Muse notecards are white or natural white on the inside… these navy ones are white, which MEANS no funny colored pen required to sign the inside. A few years ago, I made my mom some holiday cards on navy cardstock for her to send to our relatives in India. They were navy on the inside too. I forgot to give her a white or silver pen to write on the inside and she lives in a small town. She couldn't find a pen to write in them. DOH. Anyway, these notes will fix that problem!

Okay, here's my amuse-bouche (it's from one of my AP classes!):

DSC_0470 copy (Small)  A Muse products: Navy notecards, village chapel, merry christmas rm, white sheer ribbon, twinkle stickers (clear star)

Other: white stazon, white pen, glitter, paris dusk memento

Happy Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “amuse-bouche – Elegant Holiday

  1. Are you playing a joke on us ๐Ÿ™‚ I answered purple right away. Love the navy note cards and your winter scene. Cute card.

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