It’s my birthday! and another amuse-bouche…

Today is my birthday! YAY! I love birthdays. I do. Not the getting older part but the celebration part. I have always loved them. I celebrate for about 3 weeks so that I can drag it out. I try to celebrate with all of my close friends and of course, my family. Today, I'm at Stamp Antonio teaching and we'll celebrate there as best we can. But my real partying starts Monday! šŸ™‚

In honor of my birthday, I wanted to show you a card that I made a while back. I think it's just fun and covers my attitude towards this special day in my life! Anyway, during the 4th of July, our BFFs Sharon and BJ came to the lake with us and hung out. We had lots of water activities and appropriate 4th of July behavior but then we STAMPED together too (Sharon and I… not BJ and my husband! HA! HA! HA!). I "issued" a challenge for both of us so that we wouldn't pack our entire studios and cart them with us… and in the end the challenge was SUPER HARD for both of us but did keep our supplies in check. The challenge: pick 3 colors, 5 stamps, and anything else that would fit in a 6×9 box and that was all we could bring. We both cheated but not by much. šŸ™‚

Surprisingly I picked green, pink, and yellow (neutrals didn't count). Here is the card I made (I made multiples of it but nothing else). My kids and our husbands found us (Rats!).

DSC_0443 copy (Small)DSC_0444 copy (Small)

I used my doodlebug sugar glitter. I *LOVE* that stuff. LOVE IT.

Alright, some of you are here to see an amuse-bouche… well, I have another TAG for you. I told you… in tag mode… and this one is from one of my AP classes, also.

DSC_0445 copy (Small) I love the new holiday houses image. And I think it goes so well with the old sentiment "from our house to yours".

So, have a great Friday! Thanks for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “It’s my birthday! and another amuse-bouche…

  1. happy happy birthday! both cards are perfect–love the sparkle and shine on the sailboat and i really need that from our house sentiment!!

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