amuse-bouche – Back to School! Preschool, too…

OMG! This release is so made for me! Okay, well not made for me but I *LOVE* it. Everything about it is awesome… the new images, notes, 8.5×11 paper, ribbon… oh my! If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that I'm all about making stuff for my son's schools… both for the kids and teachers! School starts here in less than a month 😦 but I'll be ready this time for Back-to-school gifts – especially with this release!

My first amuse-bouche (aka appetizer… aka sneak ;)) is for the preschooler in my house and his buddies. I've made this type of thing before but it goes over SO well. I've even had some parents contact me and say how this little gift saved them at the dr's office or on an airplane ride! WOHOO! Gotta love that!

It's a little coloring book. I keep those small crayon packs on hand for gift giving in a pinch. You can get generic ones (i.e. not Crayola) in the party aisle now at the grocery store or order the 4 pk from Crayola. The measurements are 3×3 (cover is 3×6, pages are 2.75×5.5 – 3 pages folded). Isn't this lined paper awesome? It's the new A Muse 8.5×11 lined paper (I cut it to about 2.5 and punched the side with a punch). The inside is just a series of the different images waiting to be colored!

DSC_0505 copy (Small) DSC_0503 copy (Small) Check out the A Muse News Blog for more amuse-bouche as well as the rest of the Creative Team! And be sure to see if you LSS has these in stock! You'll want them!

Happy Friday!


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