amuse-bouche – everyday fun!

Hello! Or should I say Hola!??DSC_0010

I'm in Mexico right now! And having a great time. I, however, did not finish my amuse-bouche before I left so in a quick dash, I packed one ziploc bag full of stamping stuff. As you may remember, I travel with my stuff often. Stamping is just relaxing to me so I love to take it with me. I wasn't planning on bringing any this time but … well, I *had* to! I love this release so much, I had to play along. It's an interesting exercise in having "limited supplies" though! After this is all over, I'll show you a picture of what I brought! (can't show you just yet ;))

In any case, I got to stamp a bit today…

More from Mandy's World!

DSC_0019 copy Isn't she the cutest? I swear these girls are so much fun!

And I *love* ice cream πŸ™‚

Alright… check out the other girls on the team for more stuff and the A Muse blog! And be sure to check your LSS for the stamps!


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