Check it out!

One of my past teacher gifts has been mentioned on Tip Junkie! WOHOO! I was thrilled that they asked me! At least, something crafty is happening somewhere!

Things around here are a bit nutso, but such is life this time of year, I suppose. Wanna recap?

  • 3 weeks ago, took my studio apart. Literally. In fact, it's still not together.
  • 2 weeks ago, went to Mexico – Maya Riviera – wonderful, fun, relaxing; My 3 year-old decided that being in a foreign country would be a good time to potty train. SWIM DIAPERS were the key! Why, oh why didn't anyway tell me that? I would have tried that a long time ago. In any case, he hasn't looked back and it was so *simple* <knock on wood>. No more diapers means more $ for stamps 😉
  • 1 week ago, I bought 2 large kitchen counter island things from IKEA for my studio. Put them together over the weekend. They are in place but nothing is put away yet. I am worrying on it in 5-10 min intervals and getting rid of stuff just as fast as I can (have to – there is no where to put anything!) Look for lots of stuff for sale soon! 😉
  • Monday, as in 4 days ago…. my 3 year old broke his collarbone. Um, yeah. You've probably heard me say this before but I'm extremely lucky that I have "quiet" boys but apparently quiet boys fall of the couch too. Yes, he fell off the couch while playing with his brother. Ouch. 6-8 weeks. Wears a sling 24/7 to keep his arm from moving to reduce the pain. He doesn't complain at all. And seems very content in following the "rules". His preschool starts in 2 weeks. Let's see how that goes.
  • Yesterday, was the day that the elementary school teachers call and let you know who your child's teacher is. We are extremely happy with the one we got! And more importantly are thrilled that some friends are in his class! School starts Monday. AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH. I am not ready. Me. Not ready.
  • With school starting, I've been up to my gils in website updates, newsletters, and pta stuff. All this stuff is making the time fly by and I just want to hang on to summer a bit longer… please 🙂

Okay, that's it in a nutshell. I *really* hope to start crafting again. I'm thinking that my room will never get done at this point so I should just start creating but I think I should clear the floor enough to walk in the room, eh? I'll try to take pictures sometime soon! Maybe after school starts? Who knows!

I hope all is well at your end and that you have a great day!


One thought on “Check it out!

  1. Congratulations Geeta! I am not surprised they featured one of your teacher gifts. Your projects are always creative, thoughtful and oh so cute.

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