Back to School (teacher gifts)!

Today is the first day of 2nd grade! WOW, 2nd grade. Why is it that elementary school for my oldest is flying by and preschool for my youngest (which hasn't started yet!) goes so slowly? How can time be different for me for each kid? I don't get it.

My friend, Veronica, always tells me that I work best under pressure or a deadline. I try to not believe her. Ever. But she must be right. I've had ALL summer to craft and make gifts and get ahead, etc. etc. but did I do that? Um, no. So, YESTERDAY… the day before school starts among all the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I decided to make the teachers a little something.

I'm a huge fan of my friend, Lexi Daly. She's on the A Muse team but she also makes the cutest invitations and party stuff. Check out her blog. You'll be blown away. So creative. Anyway, Lexi came to Austin a couple of weeks ago and we had lunch. She comes to Austin once a year and I think we have a tradition now of meeting up. So fun. Anyway, Lexi, of course had the cutest back-to-school teacher idea on her blog the other day. I've always wanted to do some kind of teacher survival kit thing for a gift. I even have a great poem for each thing that you put in the kit. The problem with that is all the stuff together would cost $30 just to get 1 of each item (because you have to buy the whole package!) and it's not cute enough for that price! Lexi's version though is so doable. LOVE IT. I completely CASED her idea with a couple of minor changes. THANKS LEXI!

DSC_0071 copy (Small)

So mine has the following things in it: 4 little note cards and envelopes, purell, advil, nuggets, mints.

I like to my son's past teachers and the principal (since I work with her so closely on the website) a little something so I ended up making 4 for them and 2 for preschool (NEXT WEEK – look Veronica, I'm ahead there!).

Did I mention that the A Muse Back To School release is my favorite? Perfect for all of this school stuff. Love the lined paper! šŸ˜‰

DSC_0073 copy (Small) DSC_0075 copy (Small)Thanks for stopping by. Happy First Day of School!


7 thoughts on “Back to School (teacher gifts)!

  1. these came out great–i love the note card addition! i’m always making these in the middle of the night before school starts, but i may have to try to schedule a few cards in next year. thanks for the link and i look forward to seeing you again next year, too!!

  2. What a great gift! I’m sorta wishing gift-giving at the beginning of the school year was a tradition up here too… šŸ˜‰
    This is perfect, especially the Purell wipes!

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