Stamps, Wheels, Paper, Tools for Sale


Finally. FINALLY. I've posted my got-to-go list. I've decided to let go of some SU! sets I've been holding on to for a while and about 1/2 to 3/4 of my wheel collection, among many, many other things.

Please check out the list and let me know if you're interested in anything. The list is at the top of my blog under the "FOR SALE" sign or click here to get there directly:

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A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #4

And here were are… the quickest 2 hours of my life is coming to an end. Just another 30 mins… and here is challenge #4

Brought to you by Rhonda: create a thank you note

I was visiting my mom the other day and she had a store bought card (shocking!) that someone sent to her. I failed to take a picture of it but it was stunning. Chocolate brown, white, and yellow and flowers. So I tried to do that..

DSC_0173 copy (Small)

I really like the result. And may have to make a stack of these for my *stasH*. My stash is a imaginary thing but in theory it is a good idea.

So, that sums up a worldwind of 2 hours of stamping. What did you come up with?

My apologies for stamping during the longhorn game. 🙂 And thanks to all of you who told me about it! SHEESH!

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A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #3

And here we are challenge #3. Go to and then to the lounge to join in the fun!

My challenge is to: Create a card based on your favorite TV Show/series that starts up this Fall. This could be a new show or a returning one!

About a month ago, my DH and I got hooked on Heroes. We watched all 3 seasons on netflix in about a week … and er, um, stayed um WAY to late! The season premiere starts MONDAY and the DVR is set!

So, here's my card for that challenge:

DSC_0170 copy (Small)

This is using the new A Muse slate notecards and the A Muse globe stamp!

Does it look similar to this:


And that brings us to challenge #4 …coming up….

A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #2

Okay, time for challenge #2… Remember to check out the a muse lounge and find out what's happening!

This challenge is courtesy of the lovely Jen D

Her challenge is to create a card using Fall Colors! And here is my card:

DSC_0169 copy (Small)

This card uses the new paprika notes! I used my autumn spectrum ink pad and the A Muse big block stamp to make the background.

I love 5 min quickie cards!

Bring on the next challenge!

A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #1

Welcome to another A Muse PJ Party! If you are new to the scene, head on over to the Lounge and check us out! 4 challenges, 30 minutes each, chatting, stamping, and lots of fun! Remember THINK SIMPLE, THINK A MUSE. You can do it!

Now, on to challenge #1. This challenge is brought to you by Jennie, the challenge queen!

Her challenge… to make a card based on your favorite Halloween candy! 

Here is my card for her challenge:

DSC_0172 copy (Small)

Have any clue what this is? Admittedly, I had a hard time with this challenge but ONLY because I couldn't decide what my favorite Halloween candy is!! LOL!

It's Willy Wonka's bottle caps. Remember those? Mmmm… the root beer flavor are my fav! I actually used beer caps on here with a 1" circle punched from A Muse's notecards… the latte notes are a perfect rootbeer 😉

And then there is my good ol' drippy goo punch. Here was my inspiration:


Hope you get to play along! Can't wait to see what your favorite candy is!

It’s CALENDAR time!

One of my favorite things about A Muse…is their never-ending desire to help others. For the past few years, A Muse has released a calendar project that is not only cute, but also benefits those in need.

The proceeds from the sale of this year's calendar
will be donated to Water 1st. Water 1st's mission is to server families
in the poorest communities in the world as they implement
community-managed projects that integrate water supply, sanitation, and
health education.

We are so lucky to have clean drinking water by
simply turning on the tap in our kitchen. In areas where there is no
clean drinking water, the job of getting water is typically left up to
the women and girls in the community. This means that girls cannot go
to school, and women cannot work. When a well is installed it instantly
CHANGES their lives. Water 1st community-based program has been very
successful and all of the wells they have helped to install are still
in operation today.

I am so very honored to be part of such an organization that makes a difference!

Now, on to my project…

Before I even get to ink up stamps or cut paper or sometimes even before I can enter my studio, I daydream about what my design will be. This was the case for this project. I'm not very good at remembering people's names, or phone numbers but I can remember dates really, really well. Don't know why. Anyway, I don't typically use a calendar – I store dates in my head and the calendar in my head looks a lot like this…

DSC_0163 copy (Small) DSC_0164 copy (Small)Okay, it doesn't look quite as cute in my head because my calendar isn't stamped! HA! In any case, I decided to make this calendar appointment book for me to carry around so that I can take notes at meetings and plan better. I printed the full sheet calendars on the back of the A Muse lined paper and then I used my Rub-i-coil (yes, blast from the past and predecessor to my Bind-it-All… I needed this type of binding on it not the BIA kind ;)) to bind it all together. Very easy.

Wouldn't this make a great teacher gift?

Now, on the stamping… the fun part, eh?!

It was fun to look through my stamps and use a sort-of code for different things on my schedule:

boy scout = for cub scout stuff

pencil = for PTA stuff

"I'd rather be stamping" = for A Muse classes I'm teaching

apple = for school events

school house with a line through it = No school

gift for b'day parties and the tiny cupcake for family b'days, etc.

DSC_0162 copy (Small)

I made my cover out of the purple kitchen 8.5×11 paper. You're surprised, I can tell! And covered in spiral daisy with twinkle stickers, too!

There is a clear cover sheet over the whole thing to try to keep it "clean".

Finally, I have to share part of November's with you…

DSC_0165 copy (Small)

Do you see? November 19th (well okay, November 20th at 12:01am) – NEW MOON comes out. I have my tickets already. How about you?

Be sure to go check out and get your calendar today and help out Water 1st!

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