A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #4

And here were are… the quickest 2 hours of my life is coming to an end. Just another 30 mins… and here is challenge #4

Brought to you by Rhonda: create a thank you note

I was visiting my mom the other day and she had a store bought card (shocking!) that someone sent to her. I failed to take a picture of it but it was stunning. Chocolate brown, white, and yellow and flowers. So I tried to do that..

DSC_0173 copy (Small)

I really like the result. And may have to make a stack of these for my *stasH*. My stash is a imaginary thing but in theory it is a good idea.

So, that sums up a worldwind of 2 hours of stamping. What did you come up with?

My apologies for stamping during the longhorn game. 🙂 And thanks to all of you who told me about it! SHEESH!

Thanks for stopping by.


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