Happy Halloween – Preschool Treats!

Happy Halloween! Let the eating season begin… Halloween to Easter! 😉

Just to catch up… I went to Seattle last weekend for A Muse instructor training. It was a blast! Got to see lots of the A Muse gals… always fun, inspiring and generally an all-around great time! I flew up a day earlier because of the way the flights worked out, etc. My dear friend, Edye flew up with me and we shopped all day Friday. All day. We hit a lot of stamp stores and paper stores and even made it down to Pikes Market for lunch. It was so much fun. On Sunday after training, I got to visit my niece Sara, who lives near Seattle and attends then University there. That was fun to catch up with her. More about the Instructor Training later… but I learned some cool tricks and I can't wait to try them in some classes!

Okay, back to Halloween… since I got back Monday evening, it's been a whirlwind of school activities, meetings, and getting geared up for Halloween. Yesterday my preschooler had a small party in his class sans mommies… he said it was fun! We made some treats for him to share with his classmates:

DSC_0417 (Small)
It's a little die cut box (made from my Accucut machine). Inside contains a little playdoh and a halloween shaped cookie cutter ($2.99 for 20 (I think) from Hobby Lobby). The pumpkin cutout is a Martha Stewart big punch (which punches well on A Muse cardstock but nothing else! – the Orange Polka Dot cardstock is from A Muse's Kitchen line)

I'll post teacher gifts soon.

Hope you have a SAFE and fun Halloween! Don't forget to set your clocks (YAY!). More time to stamp 😉


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