Learned something cool…

Well, cool to me. Probably not so cool to the rest of the world.

As you may remember I got an accucut die cut machine earlier this Spring. Turns out, I ended up upgrading it (for my bday! this summer) to the bigger style. And I am so in love. I *almost* use it everyday. Seriously. It was the machine I should have bought many years ago (instead of the sizzix, zipemate, cricut, cricut expression, probably the slice (although I'm keeping that one)… and my cuttlebug – that one stays too!). Anyway, my die collection is a bit out-of-control already but I seem to find lots of deals here and there or I'm just crazy.

Anyway, so I have this die I wanted to use for some baby shower thank yous that I needed to make. Then I really wanted to use my CB swiss dots embossing folder but that wasn't going to be big enough. Hmm. So last night I'm digging around in my embossing folder drawer (gah, did I say that aloud?), and I find these really old fiskars texture plates from years past. One of those is dots! and it's huge. Hmm, how's this going to work – not in my cuttlebug. And I'm certainly NOT using that stupid hand-tool to emboss that. Hey I wonder if it can work in my accucut? A google later… YES. Let's try it. And I have the embossing setup for accucut so I just had to figure out the shim to work for the fiskars (since they are thinner than the accucut ones). OH WAIT. The CB ones will fit. Moments later… I got it to work! Did you hear me scream with glee? LOL.

A whole new world….

DSC_0458 (Small) This card is 5.75 x 5.75. See my dots? I love that I found something to use in my own stash. That never happens! 😉

Well, I hope all is well with you. 10 days until New Moon. And some days after that is Thanksgiving and Christmas. LOL.


8 thoughts on “Learned something cool…

  1. Yay! I have a bunch of the Fiskars plates and use them in my Big Shot. I find you can get a deeper impression if you mist your paper before hand too. Cool that you found a new use for things already in your stash!

  2. LOL, yes those fiskar plates do work in some die machines. There are some that are even packaged and sold under the Big Shot brand, but I’m sure they’d work in other machines. (I own a few, ahem.) Mine have not seen much use, er…

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