Holiday Photo Cards – part 2

Hey Happy Friday the 13th!

More photo inspiration…

okay so the story goes like this… I love to do photo cards. Love to figure out the "design" for this year's card. And I try many different layouts and stuff so that I don't send the same thing every year. Great. So then I go to make this card and then realize that I can't show my kids – because I'm freaky paranoid that way… you all know that by now… um, well how am I supposed to do a photo card w/o showing my kids? Hmm. Hence the dog picture yesterday. And then today…

So, today's photo card inspiration is dedicated to ALL of you that don't have a warm winter… in Texas, some Christmas' are shorts weather…

DSC_0268 (Small) It is a picture from Mexico this summer. The resort we stayed at had one of those endless pools, which look like you're swimming in the ocean.

My card is an A10 size. Same size of those Sam's, Target, etc. type cards everyone gets. I got those once and then put it in a sized card like this. Still handmade and still different than everyone else's ;).

This card is made with the New A Muse Shimmer Couture Papers. One side of the paper is blue and the other is white… both shimmery. I folded it over at the 2" mark to make the overlay. Then on vellum I stamped "warm winter wishes".

May your Friday the 13th not be spooky and may your winter be warm and cozy!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Photo Cards – part 2

  1. I love this! I live in a tropical climate and we sent out an e-card similar to this a couple years ago. I like how you incorporated it into a physical card. I saw it on the Amuse News blog. Thanks for sharing!

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