See that count-down timer over on the right side of my blog? See what it says? 0 DAYS… TODAY is the long-awaited release day for New Moon!

Yes, I'm going out with all the other crazy twi-fans out there to watch it at midnight tonight. Actually my friends and I are making an entire night of it and seeing a double feature… first Twilight then NEW MOON! We're seeing it at my favorite movie place in town…the Alamo Drafthouse! WOHOO!

I don't anticipate getting much done today or tomorrow… 😉

My good friends, Jennie and Rhonda, and I have been talking about this day and all that goes with it for months now. Luckily, the two of them are actually seeing it together tomorrow in Vegas. How fun would that be!

Anyway, I had to *finally* break out this Twilight set from Barnes & Noble that I got a while back and make a few cards for my friends:

DSC_0496 copy (Small) 

Everything but the stamps are from A Muse. I love the creative candy stickers – fit perfectly over the Team Edward crest. I should use them more!

Have a great New Moon Day!


5 thoughts on “NEW MOON DAY!!!

  1. OMG Geeta, I just finished reading Twilight for the first time ever….my girlfriend INSISTED! So glad she did. Once I finished it I texted her to tell her I needed the second book. She was in Paris at the time…ha ha! She just brought over the Twilight DVD, New Moon and Eclipse. I literally just finished watching Twilight. I love this stamp of Edward….maybe I’ll have some vampire dreams.

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