Twins first birthday invitations

A friend of mine had twin girls at the end of 2008 and so now they are one! Happy Birthday little ones!
My friend asked me to make some invitations for her little princesses. I always enjoy creating something for multiples because it's a different way to think. Anyway, I asked her what their theme/colors were and she sent me this:

43994 Two peas in a pod. Awesome! I have just the stamp… A Muse has a cute little pea in a pod stamp. Perfecto! Oh, wait. It's a pea in a pod. I need 2 peas in a pod. Hmm, think.

Oh wait. I think I got it. A little omitting and some cutting and I think it might work! And I have the vine border that will go with this too!

Put it all together and what do you get?

DSC_0650 copy (Small) DSC_0652 copy (Small)
The saying at the bottom is "Two peas in a pod! Double the Fun! Mia and Kara are turning One!". The inside has the party info. 

I hope she likes them. I think they match the party stuff pretty well. I hope!

Stamps: A Muse: pea pod, vine border

Papers: A Muse: Moss square notecards (retired), Yellow gingham 8.5×11 CS, white CS

Ribbon: A Muse: Lime polka dot ribbon

Inks, Markers, etc: A Muse black dye ink, Copic Original Yellow Green

On the inside, I used a little flower punch with some yellow gingham scraps. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY 2010 bring you much happiness and laughter and may you find some time to be creative!


Holiday Crafts! Part 4 – Gift card books for Preschool Teachers

This one is an easy one!

For my son's preschool teachers, the whole class got gift cards to various places for each teacher. I made a little accordion-style book to hold them. It holds 12 gift cards and is tied together with a ribbon.

DSC_0558 copy (Small)
DSC_0559 copy (Small) 

I used the A Muse holiday shopper (one of my all time favorite A Muse images!) with the sentiment "just a little something" on the cover.

Wouldn't it be fun to get a whole book of gift cards??!!

Yippee! Three more days until Christmas!

Holiday Crafts! Part 3 – Glass Etched Ornaments!

Every year my neighborhood does an ornament exchange. The rules are simple… wrapped ornament with your name on the inside, NOT a tacky ornament, and each ornament can be stolen a maximum of 2 times. We play the traditional "white elephant" rules without the tackiness! But boy, some of my neighbors are vicious! It's always a good time and I look forward to it every year.

This year was no different than the years past… I always make my ornament. I tried glass etching many years ago and really had an idea that I wanted to try out. So I revisited glass etching!

The hardest part of this endeavor was finding glass ornaments with holes already in them. Sure, I looked online but they were pricey and I wanted A BUNCH. I called up my BFF and asked her about sources… she has done much stained glass and I knew she would know of some good glass sources. Turns out she cut me a bunch herself from her scraps and her husband drilled the holes for me! SO NICE!!! I so appreciate them doing that!

Here is the ornament I made for the exchange:

Neighborhoodornament (Small)
I made a few other ones too for various friends (Longhorns and Twilight… is there anything else??):  click on the thumbnails to see them all.

  • DSC_0574 (Small)
  • DSC_0590 (Small)
  • DSC_0589 (Small)
DSC_0589 (Small)

Have a great day!

Holiday Crafts! Part 2 – Cub Scout Ornaments

Last year, my son made "tiger" cub scout ornaments. This year, he's a wolf. He wanted to give something to the kids in his den so he made wolf ornaments. Thank goodness, A Muse came out with a wolf stamp!

DSC_0554 copy (Small)
I thought he did a great job coloring (remember this is the boy that *hates* doing ART!). He put some Martha Stewart Snow Glitter under the wolf, too.

All stamps by A Muse Artstamps: (Wolf and Classic Number set; Copic Markers, MS Glitter, Silver Cord, Accucut tag dies

Holidays Crafts! Part 1

SCHOOL IS OUT! I can finally take a moment to post… whew! I'm so excited it's out and the boys are home, too. Like a little kid at Christmas! Seriously!

So, if you've been around here for a while, you know last year I did that crazy "25 days of projects"  (25 projects in 25 days). This year I decided (actually on day 26 last year!) not to do that again. I did actually get injured during that process last year and now have tennis elbow going on a year (ssssh don't tell my dr. – he thinks it's from lifting kids!) Anyway, I still made up a ton of projects for myself to do and most are done except for those Christmas Cards! But I have an idea… just have to wait for the paper to come in (yeah, that's my excuse!).

Anyway, I'll try to post my creations more frequently but here's one for you today…

I've decided that this is the year of orange and white! Good Christmas colors, eh? Well it is a Longhorn year and all..

I got a custom pillow box die recently and that came in very handy for the ever-so-popular gift card gifts for my fellow longhorn lovers:

DSC_0555 (Small)
Have a great evening!