amuse-bouche – Everyday Greetings!

I see a trend here. I seem to be barely making the deadline for these sneaks! I'm still in holiday mode and surely don't want this week to start. Back to the hustle-and-bustle and all that. Sigh.

Well, you're here to see the latest amuse-bouche, right? Today's theme is cards for everyday. I'm *really* bad at having these type cards in my stock pile. I need to make a bunch of "everyday" cards – friendship, get well, congratulations, thank yous and even sympathies. Shoot, I probably need to make birthday cards, too!

Anyway, here's my amuse-bouche. I picked up this airplane recently from A Muse (it's available right now and not part of this release!) and thought I wanted him to pull a banner for the whole world to see…

DSC_0663 copy (Small)

The crab, matching sentiment and curling wave are all part of this new release.

It's not my favorite card but I'm going with it anyway. The idea is still there… the execution *not* exactly as planned!

Happy back to the grind week!


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