Happy Longhorn Day!!!

Austin is an interesting place to be today! Between the "Arctic Front of 2010" and the Longhorns playing in the National Championship tonight… it's certainly not boring to be here!

The grocery stores seem to be empty… run on the groceries in anticipation of the cold weather and being stuck somewhere and all the tailgate parties today!

My son's 2nd grade teacher gave the kids homework today — Watch the game!!! My son thinks she might test him on it so he thinks he better watch the entire thing! HA! Not happening. My gift to my son's teacher is to get him in bed… he'll watch a bit just to say he did!

Here it is January 7th. Today would have been my father's 79th birthday. I miss him everyday and more that he never met my kids. I remember only great things about him and can tell my boys lots of good stories. Somehow in my own little world, the longhorns playing today on his birthday is very cool. My brothers and I all graduated from the University of Texas with various degrees and such. I met my husband there. His sister, who is one of my best buddies graduated from there. Many, many close friends went there, too. It's true. I bleed orange. This past summer, my son's cub scout pack toured the tower at UT. You know it was closed until about 10 years ago for tours. *I* had so much fun. It was awesome to take our boys there. I know they don't have as much vested in it as I do but much of my life of who I am today came from those days back then.

So, here it is January 7th and I'm still working on my National Championship cards. What don't you send National Championship cards? I knew I wasn't going to get them out for Christmas but I did think they would be out before today. Oh well.. almost there. I thought it was appropriate to share them with you today.

DSC_0672 copy (Small)
This cutout in the middle is a custom accucut die that I designed (so excited!). It is a glitter window and is sparkly in real life. The inside has our traditional letter and a picture of the boys (both purposely edited for this post!) at the tower from this summer!

DSC_0674 copy (Small)  DSC_0673 copy (Small)

I can only hope that I will get these in the mail very, very soon!



3 thoughts on “Happy Longhorn Day!!!

  1. Love it Geeta!!! You are sooo talented. You amaze me!!! Wish I had just a little bit of your craftiness!!! Hook Em!!! Let my boy watch the game. We will have nap time tomorrow!!! 🙂

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