Thanks 4 of 5: One layer quickie

Every year I set new year's resolutions but only crafty ones. This year there is one in particular that I'm working on: I'm trying to change my "style". I'm trying to do clean and simple and not my usual "add one more thing" plan. I have to say it is a hard resolution. I figure the good news is that I'm consciously trying to do something differently so maybe that will stick. One layer cards are things I want to get better at. They are an art form, I think. You have to balance your focal point with some background stuff all on one dimension. Seems hard to me.

When I made the cards for this challenge, this was my first card that I completed. Not super crazy about it but it's a start.

DSC_0702 copy (Small)

images: A Muse Fun Star, A Muse thanks large, A Muse retro rectangle

ribbon: A Muse red polka sheer ribbon

Happy Thursday!


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