A Muse PJ Party – Challenge #1

It's time again for a fun night of stamping… get your pjs on, log in to the lounge, and get ready to stamp! Four challenges, 30 minutes each… REMEMBER THINK SIMPLE, THINK A MUSE


First up, the hostess of all hostesses, my dear friend Jennie Moczan…

Her challenge: Make a card inspired by your celebrity crush!

Well, I know you all have guessed RPatz is my celebrity crush but he's not, actually. Yes, I like him but I really want him to be with KStew, not to mention I'm old enough to be his mom! So, I dug a little deeper and realized my crushes from my teenage years have ALL turned to be losers in their older age. Humph. So, okay, back to the drawing board.

I would probably pick Johnny Depp. But I didn't want to make a pirate card. That's a movie inspiration.

So FINE. Alright. My celebrity crush card is not Rob Pattinson but Edward. Edward is a celebrity, right? He is an action figure, so he MUST be…

DSC_0727 copy (Small) I used a "new to me" product on here. Smooch Spritz in clear and Cherry Ice. I *LOVE* them. I got 11 colors when I was up in Seattle. And um, yeah, broke them open today. It's only been 3 months…

The white heart has the clear sprayed on it and the cherry ice is the red heart. But the red heart is actually white cardstock so the spray coverage is excellent!

All A Muse images, ribbon, and notecard

Here's a closeup of the spritz but it's hard to see the shimmer and sparkle… edward HAS TO SPARKLE…

DSC_0728 copy (Small) On to the next challenge….


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