Teacher Appreciations Gifts – Preschool Teachers!

One of these days (AFTER school gets out! – isn't it interesting that it's my boys that are in school and NOT me, yet I am busier than I would be if I WERE the one in school!), I'll post all these creations I've been making with my accucut dies. As you may remember, I got a accucut die machine (the big honky one) last Spring and then I upgraded that one to the even bigger honky one last summer so I could do invitations and such. Well, I'm happy to report that I use my accucut almost daily. Seriously. It is my favorite thing and as I've said before, I so should have bought this a long time ago. Perfect for what I want to do and what I want to accomplish. 1000s of boxes have been made on my accucut and I couldn't have done that without it. Of course, I did go a bit *overboard* on the die front… <cough> <cough>.

Okay, enough of that… today's Teacher Appreciation gifts are for my youngest son's preschool teachers. After I made them, he claimed them and said they were for his teachers. *I* was planning something else for them but he won. I made four and cleverly enough he came up with four teachers to give them to – his two, his music teacher and also his Spanish teacher. "Well, there you go son."

The gift? Match boxes that hold Hersey nuggets. So if you need templates to make these by hand, go to SCS and search nugget boxes. There is one thread in particular that has every size nugget box you could ever want. I've made several of those before but now I have this die and it's just so easy to mass produce.

These boxes hold 5 nuggets in them.
DSC_0627 (Small) Okay, so the nugget boxes have been around for a while and they are a good go-to-gift idea but what makes these special isn't the accucut die… it's the A Muse Shimmer Paper. LOOK at how elegant these boxes are with that shimmer paper. Oh, how I love that shimmer paper!


All A Muse images, paper

Prisa Flowers and Stickles

Time for Teacher Tag!

My buddies, Jennie and Lori are playing along with this Teacher Appreciation salute this week. Be sure to check out their blogs for more inspiration!





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