Boxes – part 1

(Small)The next few posts are going to be about boxes. I have been in box making mode lately. Seems like all of these events have come up to thank the countless volunteers we've had at our school! If you know any volunteers, thank them and give them a big ol' Texas hug!

So, a couple of week's ago, we had a Prospective Parent Open House at our school, where new parents come and see a presentation, ask questions, get a tour, etc. Thankfully, this committee is headed up by someone other than me and she is awesome and super organized. I *love* working with her. We seem to think along the same lines with all this craziness that has been going on at our school this year! 

Anyway, she asked me for some boxes (she filled them with peppermint patties!) to give to her volunteers. I was in a hurry and 25 boxes were needed… Accucut to the rescue! And A Muse, of course!

(Small)The A Muse Orange Kitchen Paper is so cheery!

And I love the little school bus. Worked well for

this situation! Don't you think?

Be back soon for more…boxes 🙂

Happy Mother's Day!


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