Is money a tacky gift or not?

My son finisDSC_0670
(Small)hes another year of preschool on Wednesday. Wah. I am always so sad at the end of the year. I hate saying goodbye to those teachers that we've interacted with all year. I consider them all friends and it's so hard to move on… for um, me.

Anyway, my son's preschool teacher had a birthday on Saturday. With her birthday being so close to the end of year and the end of year gifts, our class decided to give the good ol' gift of money. So, is money a tacky gift or not? I took a random poll at the preschool and 100% of the poll-takers said no. I hope they were right.

(Small)My buddy and pal, Jenn Balcer, once did a quick "money gift" that I cataloged in my brain for later CASEing. And later came very quickly Thursday night… so in about 25-30 minutes, out came this gift. 

I made some quick felt flowers thru my accucut and glued them to some green pipe cleaners. Use what you have and all that.

In the end, my son's teacher loved it, I think. But what do you say? Is money an okay gift?


Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. My husband and I are so busy with stuff that we agreed to celebrate next month. Isn't that crazy? Happy Anniversary, honey.

Tomorrow is Texas Tuesday! Come on back, ye hear!



6 thoughts on “Is money a tacky gift or not?

  1. Happy Anniversary! Hard to celebrate the busiest week of the year. I did cash teacher gifts this year as well – I’d much rather get it myself than keep track of a dozen giftcards. Like Cat, I fall back on what I would rather receive, and go for it!

  2. Geeta – i always worry the same thing, but then think “if i were given money, would i be disappointed” and the answer is usually no. and the way it was presented probably makes all the difference. i’m sure his teacher LOVED the gift!

  3. In all my years of being involved with schools (over 25 years) I have never heard any negative feedback of cash gifts. Now…you would hear stuff like “oh you really shouldn’t have” – or “that wasn’t necessary” — but they LOVE IT! One year the parents in my granddaughter’s class collected almost $1,000 and it was put in a wooden treasure box. Along with the money in the box…were handwritten notes and cards from the kids and parents. Teachers usually spend above and beyond out of their own pocket for their classroom.

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