Texas Tuesday – A Texas Wedding

Welcome to another edition of Texas Tuesday! Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, some of my fabulous Texas friends and I are participating in Texas Tuesday. More about that later…

DSC_0756 (Small) (2)
About 10 days ago, I got an order to make 280 wedding invites in a short amount of time. The bride wanted a wildflower theme. She told me about this "red" bluebonnet she had seen somewhere online. After some research I found the one she was talking about. Turns out it is a hybrid developed by that school over there in College Station, who shall remain nameless ;). The bride then found these beautiful bridesmaid's dresses in pink and our bluebonnet turned PINK!DSC_0757 (Small)

This design is made with Shimmer Champagne paper for the pocket fold (accucut die) and envelopes. The mats are A Muse Shimmer Couture in Pink and Pink Damask. The "Texas" part of this entire design is Mark's (of Deadbeat Designs!) bluebonnets. I, now, own every size of his bluebonnet stamps! Thanks for such  speedy service Mark!

And then the front…

DSC_0754 copy (Small) I kept the design simple for two reasons:

1) time to get it done (a week-ish!)

2) 280 of every piece… that's a lot of hands on work! 

Okay, I hope you've enjoyed my Texas Tuesday. Be sure to check out the other Texans:





Mark Jetton (of Deadbeat Designs!)

Do you want to play along? Libby is doing a roundup on her blog right here.


4 thoughts on “Texas Tuesday – A Texas Wedding

  1. Geeta these are GORGEOUS!! And I’m so impressed that you did 280 of them, yikes!! I did 110 invitations (x2) lately and it nearly killed me! 🙂

  2. wow – that looks great! i’ve never tried to recreate the a & m ‘blue’bonnet. maroon is not a color i’m drawn to regardless of school affiliations (of which i have none!).
    great job on the invitations – although isn’t it time we started to rethink marriage? it’s 2010 people! why bother?!

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